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Allstate released the 15th annual America's Best Drivers Report® in 2019. The report analyzes auto claim data for the 200 largest U.S. cities. Tampa is ranked 101st in this year's report, which bases the rankings on your chances of being in a collision when compared to the average driver in the country. Drivers in Tampa are 17.2% more likely to be in a crash, with the average drivers experiencing a collision once every 9.02 years.

What does this information mean for you as a driver on Tampa roads? Understanding your city's driving characteristics can help you make better decisions behind the wheel. Allstate provides other safe driving resources, including programs like X the TXT®, Drivewise® and the support of Allstate agents. Your agent can help you find the car insurance coverage for your unique situation, and also discuss options for bundling auto insurance with home insurance and life insurance to earn available discounts. Contact an Allstate agent near you!
Getting around Tampa takes more than car insurance. Check out these local resources that make your ride smoother.
America's Best Drivers
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