We've Got Car Insurance in Lincoln Covered.

Our Lincoln agents live and work in the communities they serve, so they know what it's like to drive around the Star City. Like the trials of navigating the overwhelmed highways on a Huskers game day. The thrill of bringing visitors to the Capitol for the observatory's sweeping views. Or the unique experiencing of carting a van-full of kids to a birthday at the Lincoln Children's Museum.
And while Lincoln recently ranked as the fifth safest driving city in the country (local motorists are reportedly 19 percent less likely to get in an accident than national drivers), it's comforting to know there's a nearby advisor to help if the unthinkable does happen.
No matter how you spend your time behind the wheel (making a food run to chow down on a Runza? Taking your car over to the history-making vehicles at the Museum of American Speed?), there's a local Allstate advisor to help at every turn.
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Navigating your way around Lincoln smoothly takes more than auto insurance. These local resources can help.

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